1918 Petition by Dutch Jews to Secretary of State for Peace conference


December 23, 1918 


One month after the German Emperor Wilhelm II went into exile in the Netherlands and one month before the Paris Peace Conference started, the Dutch Jews, on December 23 1918, petitioned the Dutch Government.

The Alliance Israelite Universelle, the World Zionist Organisation and the Jewish Territorial Organisation in the Netherlands were united in a committee of which Jacobus Kann was the Honorary President.

Kann was the main signatory of the petition, which asked the Dutch Government, loyal to its century old traditions, to use its influence for the benefit of Jews and to completely solve the Jewish Question during the coming Peace Conference.

The committee called on all Dutch Jews to show their solidarity and a big majority did, 46.578 adult Jews signed the petition (including minors there were about 115.000 Jews in The Netherlands at that time)