Altar Droyanow

The Book of Tel Aviv Vol. 1 (and only) Droyanov, Tel Aviv Book Committee, Tel Aviv, 1936, 464 + 12 pages Appendices

Ilan Schori: ”
Druyanow, who was close to Dizengoff, wrote an account of the development of Tel Aviv from Dizengoff’s view-point that contained more than a few distortions and inaccuracies. Dizengoff died the same year that the book was published. ”

In 1909, Altar Druyanow, the Jewish writer and journalist, was hospitalized in a sanatorium in Dresden and suffered immensely – not from physical illness, but from boredom.  A gift he received from a friend helped ease his misery – a little book of Jewish jokes in Yiddish. Druyanow spent his days in the sanatorium immersed in the book, and emerged with a new goal. He decided to create a broader, definitive compilation of Yiddish Jewish jokes. During the next few years, he carried a notepad and a pen at all times, and wrote down every Jewish joke he heard. He also issued requests in Jewish newspapers, asking readers to send him jokes and folktales. He collected, compiled, rewrote and translated the material into Hebrew, and in 1922 the first, single-volume edition of the compilation was published in Frankfurt.  A complete, three volume edition of the book was published in Tel Aviv in the years 1935-1938.