Austrian Consul General, Count Josef Pizzamano, Austrian Hospice

Archbishop of Vienna Vincenz Eduard
Milde died in 1854. The realization of
his vision of an Austrian pilgrims’
hostel in the Holy Land, located in Je-
rusalem, was thus entrusted to his succes-
sor, Archbishop Joseph Othmar Ritter von
Rauscher. He and Emperor Franz Joseph
are considered the founding fathers of our
venerable institution.
The younger brother of Franz Joseph,
Ferdinand Maximilian, who later became
Emperor of Mexico, was on a pilgrimage in
Jerusalem when he approved the purchase
– through the efforts of Austrian Consul Ge-
neral, Count Josef Pizzamano – of the piece
of land on the Via Dolorosa where the Hos-
pice currently stands. Many nations envy us
this unique location in the heart of the Old
City of Jerusalem, where people of diverse
cultures and religions encounter one ano-