Bnai Brith Messenger, Friday, August 17, 1906

Under the will of the late Amelia B. Lassrus, of New York, the following bequests are made:. Metropolitan Museum of Art, $20,000; Mount Sinai Hospital, $5,000; Montifiori Home, $10,000 Corcoran Art Gallery, $5,000; Hebrew Technical School, $20000; Home for Aged

 and Infirm Jiebrews, $20,000; Monte-Sore Home -for Chronic Invalids, $10, 080; Hebrew Benevolent and Orpba-Asvinm, $10,000; trustees of the New York Fin Department Relief Fund, $10,000; New York Society for toe Prevention of Cruelty to Children, $10,000; Free Burial Society of the Congregation Darech Amnno, $5,000, Hebra Hased Veamet, $10,000; Samaritan Dispensary $5,000; Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, $10,000; museum in the city of Philadelphia, of which Dr. William Pepper was president at the time of his death, $5,000. The bulk of the residuary estate is devided between the abovementioned institutions and societies, and bequests are made to many relatives of the testatrix. The benevolent associations which will recieve the bulk of the residuary estate are the Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids, the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews, the Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Hebrew Technical School.

Philip Bubenstein, of Boston, was appointed social justice of the Juvenile Court. He was graduated from the Harvard Law School in 1900, and for years he has taken an active interest in the welfare of Jewish boys, and was endorsed by the leading men and women interested in Jewish charitable work.

Rabbi Rudolph I; Coffee is now in San Francisco,, and is assisting in the relief work there. He has been appointed on the Rehabilitation Committee, which aimS to aid the unfortunate sufferers to make another start in life. The Jewish people are well cared for.

Bear this in mind,” said Rev. William P. Pearce of Anderson, Ind., ‘God loves the-Jew and His curse is >n them that curse him, and His blessings on them that bless.him. Russia suffers the curse today as other countries have ‘for their in&mous actions. Gods anger flashes like lightening and His wrath falls like thunderbolts upon the Henrys, the Jouausts, the Mer-3iersand Esterhazys. But His blessing vests< on those who honor the race that gave us the Neanders of the pen the Disraelis of logic, the Mendelssohns of music and the Rothschilds of finance and the peerless Nazarene.”

Immediately after the information was received of the San Francisco disaster, the B’NAI B’BBITH of the United States promptly contributed to the relief of their brethren.

De Welt, the official organ of the Zionist movement , prints the following official communication:

As a result of the speech delivered by the Hon. Oscar S. Straus, on July 8, at the dinner given in his honor by the Maccabaeans of London, in which he expressed himself in sympathy with both the Zionists and the Territorialists, and argued that both movements could work together, a conference was held on Sundey, July 15, at the Savoy Hotel, London, under the presidency of Mr. Straus, to consider whether some plan might be arrived at to which gentlemen connected with some of the leading organizations could give their support.

The following gentlemen were present: Messrs. Elkan N. Adler, H. ‘Bentwich, Rt. Hon. Arthur Cohen,

K. C, L. J. Greenberg, Jacobus Kann, of The Hague; H. M. Kisch, C. S. I., Clement I. Salaman, M. H. Spielman, Carl Stetauer, Lucien Wolf, D. Wolffsohn (leader of the Zionist movement), and I. Zangwill.

Invitations had also been addressed to the Chief Rabbi, Dr. H. Adler, Messrs. Leonard Cohen, president of the Jewish Board of Guardians; H. C. Lousada, of the I. C. A., and I. Seligman, all of whom wrote regrettinfl that their engagements did not permit them to be present. Sir Samuel Montagu, and one or Hwo- other gentlemen who had been approached verbally, declined to take.part in the conference. The following resolutions were passed:

1. Proposed by. the Rt. Hon. Arthur, Cohen, K. C, and seconded by-Mr. H.

J. Greenberg: ‘Whereas, In view of the oppressed conditions of the Jewish people in Russia, and elswhere, and because of the increasing restrictions put upon immigration in the United States and other countries, it is becoming ntojVOj and more imperative that an extention of colonization for the oppressed of our .race be .provided, and whereas it is of the highest practical importance that a general agreement among Jews be reached in regard thereto: ” Resolved, That we, the undersigned, agree among ourselves to organize, support and assist one large plan of colonization.”

2. Proposed by Mr. Lucien Wolf and seconded by Mr. Elkan Adler:

“In forming such a colony, a plan shall be so framed as to secure for it eventual local self-government.”

These two resolutions were agreed to by all the gentlemen present with the exception of Messrs. Stettauer and Bentwich, Mr. Stettauer refusing to vote for either, and Mr. Bentwich not voting for No. 1 and opposing No.


3. “That Mr. H. M. Spielman be empowered to convene another meeting for further discussion whenever I he thought it necessary to consider the following resolutions which were submitted to the meeting but not voted upon.”

(a) Proposed by Mr. Wolffsohn and seconded by Mr. Elkan Adler:

” That the plan of colonization above referred to should in the first place contemplate Palestine and the neighboring lands.”

(b) Proposed by Mr. Zangwill and seconded by Mr. Lucien Wolf:

“That this meeting shall consider any scheme for carrying out these resolutions (1 and 2) not excluding Palestine and the neighboring lands.” A number of wealthy Bussian Jew* formed a company with the intention

of estohthhing a soap factory in Lydia, a small town on the Jaffa-Jerusalem road. The factory has now been established and ten Jewish workmen have thus far been employed. It is expected that in course of a short time Lydia will become a teeming Jewish settlement, attracted by this industry.

A recent visit to London of German editors disoolsed the fact of a large percentage ^>f* the German writers on

¦ the public press being Jews. Such men as Dr. Fredrich Dernburg, of th« Berliner Tagebatt, Dr. Paul “Nathan Of the liberal Nation; Dr. John Lehmann, of the Breslauer Zeitung; Herr Adolph Loewenstein, of the Deutsche Revue; and others who so largely contribute today to the shaping of public opinion in the Fatherland, are all men of the highest type of culture and scholarly attainment, and are Jews to the core.