Jacobus Kann
forgotten founder of Tel Aviv

Joseph Cowen

November 14, 1900: Herzl diary: Herzl call him “our most capable man in England”

this had to do with getting the funds to pay the Turkish debt

p 990 https://archive.org/stream/TheCompleteDiariesOfTheodorHerzlEngVolume3OCR/TheCompleteDiariesOfTheodorHerzlEngVolume3#page/n85/mode/2up

Cowen, like Greenberg, was an early admirer of, and aide to, Herzl who had long served the Zionist Movement. Kessler had led the commission which investigated the possibilities for Jewish settlements in Sinai. Kann was on the Inner Actions Committee. Cowen, Kessler and Greenberg had served together on the East Africa Consultative Commission in 1903 which had handled Chamberlain’s offer of territory to the WZO.

source: https://epdf.pub/the-jewish-chronicle-and-anglo-jewry-1841-1991.html p105