Jacobus Kann
forgotten founder of Tel Aviv

Jacobus Kann offers plan for continuance of mandate, 1937

Jacobus Kann, Hague banker, offers plan for continuance of mandate.

‭The Hague, The Netherlands, Aug. 16


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‬‭Mr. Kann, founder of the Dutch mandate.based on continuance of the Holy Land and proposed an alternative program Congress to the partition of Palestine kin in his opposition at the Zionist leader, supported Menachem M. Ussish- nent banker and veteran Zionist 16. (JTA)—Jacobus H. Kann, promi-‬‭Zionist Organization, was one of the ‬ ‭ His program follows: to settle in Palestine, he said.absorbing all the immigrants wishing extended, it will remain incapable of since, even if its proposed borders are tablish a Jewish State is impracticable Telegraphic Agency. The plan to es- said in a statement to the Jewish are acceptable to the Jews, Mr. Kann sion’s report nor its recommendations Neither the British Royal Commis- Zionist General Council.agency. He is a former member of the Jewish Colonial Trust, Zionist financial Zionism, and helped him establish the Theodor Herzl, founder of political first friends and followers of Dr.‬‭

1. Execution of the Palestine mandate in the spirit in which it was conceived

2. Removal of unfit and unwilling Palestine officials and replacement by‬ capable, experienced officials who are in sympathy with the policy of establishing a Jewish National Home.

3. Deportation of mischief-makers from Palestine.‭

4. Adoption of the policy of Dr. Judah Magnes, president of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in promoting free and unhampered negotations between Jews and Arabs.

5. Internationalization of Jerusalem, since it is likely to remain for long time the center of political intriques.

6. Promotion of large-scale Jewish immigration in accordance with the ‬spirit of the Mandate.

The Sentinel, Thursday, August 19, 1937; Page: 19