Jacobus Kann
forgotten founder of Tel Aviv

Kann mentioned in Herzl diaries

Theodor Herzl, a memorial

by Weisgal, Meyer Wolfe, 1894-1977

Zionist Organization of America
Publication date 1929

Topics Herzl, Theodor, 1860-1904Jews

Publisher New York : New PalestineCollection 


Digitizing sponsor Brigham Young University

Contributor Harold B. Lee Library

Language English

source: https://archive.org/details/theodorherzlmemo00weis/

herzl needs money for a new news paper (he has Die Welt already)

Kann and Wolfson working to start the Jewish bank, Herzl and Nordau busy with political support, meeting hte kaiser

Kann wants to use Cook’s offices for underwriting, Herzl will veto that

Herzl promises funds to Ottomans, 700 to 800.000 pounds, against 6.5%, then a request comes to send 200.000 pounds with in a day, he asks Wolfson to go to Kann to place the loan with Dutch banks.

Herzl writes that Kann is able to transfer 700.000 pounds