Mandate to buy land in Jaffa, May 3 1905


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Transcript in English of the Notary deed of May 3, 1905

Here before Louis Eikendal, doctor in Law, notary residing in the Hague, and in the presence of the following witnesses, have appeared:

Mister Jacobus Henricus Kann, banker residing in the Hague, whom I know as notary.

Kann has constituted as his proxy:

Mr. David Levontin, director of Anglo-Palestine residing in Jaffa (Palestine)

And gives him power to buy in Palestine, in his name, rural funds at the prices and conditions he will deem suitable, under the condition that the total acquisition price including any fees do not exceed the sum of ten thousand Sterling Pounds. (a hundred and twenty thousand florins of Holland).

When it comes to the acquired properties:

designate and make all necessary declarations and registrations in the name of the constituent and according to the Ottoman authorities.

Act and take possession of the property, deal with and administer them, proceed with other co-owners to sharing the acquired land, and make to this effect all necessary declarations, sign all legal document in conformity with Ottoman Law, fulfil all transcription, liquidation and legal requirements; make all provisions, rent or let all or parts of the real estate, at prices and conditions that the proxy will judge suitable, extend, renew all leases; cancel them with or without payout, agree and accept all sales of real estate and sublet;

Sell or let all or parts of the acquired property and produce documentation accordingly.

Mortgage the acquired or purchased properties if needed; and lift such mortgages at a time deemed suitable by the proxy.

Lend the constituents’ funds, and take property mortgages as guarantees against such loans.

Should any difficulties arise, the proxy should appear as much as plaintiff or defendant; hire and fire a lawyer, accept all sentence or recommendation and appeal against any legal decision; enable any action, legal or administrative, by all mean of Law, engage in all opposition and declaration.

Follow any expropriation or evacuation of a tenant; act and sign all documents, designate as residency, give all powers, substitute one or more of the powers here described, revoke all proxies and substitutions;

Promising to accept and approve as of now everything the constituent will do and will sign legally.


Made and signed in the Hague in the month of May 1905, in the presence of Mister Simon Jan Hogerzeil, banker and Dirk Willem Karel de Roo de la Faille, unemployed, both being doctors in Law and residing in the Hague, and myself, notary, as witnesses.

And immediately after the reading, the proxy, the witnesses, and myself, the notary have signed the present act, which will be put in deposit according to my protocol as notary.

(all signatures)