List of positions and activities of Jacobus Kann

1897 Dutch representative to first Zionist Congress in Basel
1899 Co-founder Dutch Zionist Organisation (Nederlandse Zionisten Bond)
Co-founder Dutch Jewish National Fund
1899 Co-founder Jewish Colonial Trust
1905 – 1911 Member Executive Committee (Inner Action Committee) Zionist Organisation with David Wolffsohn and Otto Warburg
1899-1929 Board member Jewish Colonial Trust
1903 Helped establish the first branch in Yafo of the Anglo Palestine Bank
1903 Chairman Zionist Organisation Chapter The Hague
Board member of the Anglo Palestine Bank
1906 Registered owner land of Kerem Jabali/Ahuzat Bait
1910 Founder Joodsche Tuinbouw-,Veeteelt-en Zuivelbereidingsvereeniging”, (Jewish Horticulture, Livestock Farming and Dairy Processing Association)
1910 Initiated studies for irrigation project for Audja plain (for citrus plantations) and deveopments plansfor a new water supply, electrical street lighting and an electrical Light Rail in Jerusalem
1913 (-?) Member Larger Action Committee of the World Zionist Movement
1914 President of the Commission for the implementation of the stock market law
1914 Founder Hague Committee for Jewish Refugees
1914 – 1918 Manager International JNF during WWI
1918 – 1922 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Anglo-Palestine Bank
1917 – 1919 Lobbied Dutch Government to take Mandate over Palestine
1919 Travelled to Palestine as member of the Zionist Commission (first Jewish government-like authority in Palestine, later to become The Jewish Agency)
1924 – 1927 Dutch consul in Jerusalem
1925 President and supervisory board of Financial Committee of the Dutch export company (financiele commissie der nederlandse uitvoer maatschappij)
1933 – board member of HaSharon Company
1937 – Chairman Jewish Youth farm (Hachsjara) Catharinahoeve in Gouda
Director Haagsche Schoolvereniging
Co-founder First Lyceum School (type of secondary education, implemented by all best high schools)
Director (Commisaris) Sakong
Co-founder/Director (Commisaris) First Dutch Electrical Light Rail Company and underwriter with his Kann & Lissa Bank
1904 (-?) Secretary Securities Association (Secretaris Vereeniging Effectenhandel)
Member Hague Peace Rally
Director (Commisaris) Beetwortelwortelsuikerfabriek (beet sugar factory)

The Hague branch of the Dutch Jewish Women’s Council was founded in the Kanns’ own residence by his wife Anna.